CASE STUDY: Per Aarsleff A/S

From paper to digitalisation: Task management on the construction sites

Per Aarsleff A/S is a leading Danish contracting company. Their expertise is to devise, plan and implement large-scale projects within infrastructure, climate change adaptation, the environment, energy etc. – from design to handing-over. Their point of departure is a strong position in Denmark and the Baltic Sea region, and they solve projects in most parts of the world.

The revenue for 2016/17 amounts to DKK 11 billion – of which 29% comes from abroad. The group employs 6,200 dedicated people in the Danish parent company and in the subsidiaries in Denmark and abroad. Aarsleff is a public limited company listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen A/S.

“Aarsleff was looking for a professional vendor to support Workforce Management. It is a strategic project and in ProMark we found more than a vendor – this is a mutual strategic partnership”.

– Steen Guldborg, IT Manager, Per Aarsleff A/S

The challenge

  • ^Aarsleff is continuously working to streamline their processes to be able to implement projects both faster and more cost-effectively
  • ^Among other things, they needed quicker and more accurate collection of employee working time for both remuneration, accounting, machine accounting and more

Success criteria

  • ^The solution covers 2,200 registrants
  • ^The system manages time allocation, breaks, overtime, absence, travel-away-from-home allowances, supplements and bonus and is used for both salary and cost allocation on projects
  • ^Mileage is reported on types and to/from addresses with integrated approval of the tours to enable allocation on projects

Key functionality

  • ^Replace paper-based timesheets with a digital solution
  • ^Tablets have been introduced to each team so that employees can easily and intuitively register and allocate time and mileage on defined projects/activities
  • ^Foremen use PC for overview, adjustments, approvals and lending of employees


  • ^Collective agreements including supplements, overtime, travel-away-from-home allowances and mileage are handled digitally
  • ^The employees register all relevant information which provides current information to the payroll administration
  • ^Foremen can easily manage own employees, change their attendance profiles and approve registrations

Primary results

  • ^All information is registered online and is therefore immediately available for foremen, management and payroll administration
  • ^Optimisation of process that minimizes errors and use of resources and prepares data for payroll and customer billing

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 ”ProMark replaces paper-based timesheets and through a unique, user-friendly interface, our hourly-paid workers can register all relevant information such as hours on projects, mileage and travel-away-from-home allowances”.

– Steen Guldborg, IT Manager, Per Aarsleff A/S