CASE STUDY: VikingGenetics

Better staff roster planning increases productivity

VikingGenetics is one of the world’s largest and leading bull breeding companies, owned by approx. 30,000 dairy farmers in Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

VikingGenetics has an effective breeding programme and tests the quality of approx. 450 bulls of the breeds Holstein, VikingRed and Jersey.

The annual sale is around 4 million doses in the home markets and to more than 50 countries worldwide. In addition, VikingGenetics offers insemination and advisory services which ensure healthy cows and maximum earnings for the farmers.

“With ProMark we got a far better and uniform overview of our employees’ working patterns and overtime across borders. This has enabled us to improve our staff rostering and achieve higher productivity – irrespective of local working time rules and agreements”.
– Andreas Storm, Group Business Controller, VikingGenetics

The challenge

  • ^Manual entry of time & attendance (T&A) and absence
  • ^No integration to the payroll system
  • ^Not possible to get statistics on working time, overtime and absence
  • ^Time-consuming and inflexible planning of the working shifts

Success criteria

  • ^The solution supports approx. 200 registrants in 3 countries
  • ^Integration to the payroll system for automated calculation of the salary basis
  • ^Simple tool for planning of shifts in the different departments
  • ^Quick implementation

Key functionality

  • ^T&A and absence registration on tablets
  • ^Automatic email notifications in case of missing approvals
  • ^Integration to payroll system
  • ^Web-based staff roster planning
  • ^Web portal for management and administration


  • ^Online reporting of T&A and absence reduces manual entries and saves time
  • ^A uniform overview of employee working patterns and overtime across borders ensures valid data for decisions and follow-up
  • ^Efficient planning of shifts – also in case of deviations – with reduced manual workflows

Primary results

  • ^Correct data basis for the payroll payment in an automated process
  • ^Reduction of overtime costs through better staff roster planning
  • ^Improved productivity

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”The planning of the shifts in the department has become easier and I spend less time on manual tasks. At the same time, both my employees and I now have a better overview and can be more proactive”.
– Helle Andersen, XY-Vik Lab Manager, VikingGenetics