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Privacy policy

As a data processing company, ProMark takes data protection very seriously. We protect the personal data we handle and ensure that we comply with applicable data protection regulations.

This privacy policy describes how we handle personal data about customers, website visitors, suppliers and job seekers as well as the rights one has when registered.

In addition to the Privacy Policy, our Cookie Policy also applies.

1. Data processing company

ProMark A/S
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CVR: 31 07 52 62
Phone: +45 4690 0000

2. Categories of personal data

Personal data is all kinds of information that somehow relates to you. At ProMark, we receive information about our customers, website visitors, suppliers and job seekers. When you use our website, we collect and process a variety of such information. This happens e.g. in general use of our content, if you sign up for our newsletter or events, fill out contact forms and register for our customer portal.  

The data we process about you may include: 

  • General personal data, including:
    • Identification data, including name, title, address, phone, email, company name and address
    • Information included in our correspondence with you
    • Login information for our customer portal 
    • Information about your orders for goods and services 
    • Correspondence with Customer Care and/or other employees
    • Information about your behaviour on our digital services (e.g. IP address, geographic location, browser, operating system and the content you are looking at etc.)
    • Photos/video from events such as conferences and user meetings
  • Sensitive or semi-sensitive personal data (customers only):
    • In general, we do not process sensitive or semi-sensitive personal data about you. However, in special situations we may receive social security numbers, absence reasons and health information when we assist in problem solving. The information will be anonymized or deleted when the case has been closed/problem has been solved. We recommend that you do not send or inform us about such information yourself.

3. How we use personal data for each purpose and the foundation for processing

PurposeExamplesFoundation for processing
1. Administration of potential and existing customer relationships 
When you wish to become a customer with ProMark we process the necessary information about you in order to:
– make an agreement on delivery of a Workforce Management solution to your company
– ensure clear identification of you

When you are a customer with us on an existing agreement, we process your data to administer the agreement, including:
– ensuring that products and services are delivered as agreed
– receiving payment for our goods and services
– identifying you when you are contacting us
– keeping your contact information up to date 
– meeting other obligations towards you or us, according to our agreement or legislation 

You are a customer and participate in an event where we take photos/videos that can be used:
– to market that type of event
– to refer to events held

Participants can opt to not be included in photos for this purpose.
You are a potential customer

When you contact us to get information or an offer on a Workforce Management solution, we use your name, address and other contact information to make an offer and contact you. 
You are customer with us

We provide services as agreed, send invoices for these and ongoing maintenance fees according to our agreement as well as register your payment. 

You participate in a user conference or user meeting

Through pictures and video on our customer portal and newsletters, we tell the good stories from customer events and share knowledge and information about events and activities.
Data Protection Regulation, article 6, paragraph 1 (b and f).

Our legitimate interests are:
– to ensure that information is not provided to anyone other than you 
– to market our products and services and inform you about functionality and news
– to ensure compliance with current legislation      

As above.

When attending ProMark events, we may take photos to be used for marketing purposes. Participants can opt to not be included in photos for this purpose.

For any portrait images we obtain consent.
2. Marketing, analyses and segmentation
We use your personal data to send newsletters or electronic marketing if we have your consent. Your consent may have been obtained when you have signed up for our events or via a form on our website. You can always unsubscribe from our newsletter and electronic marketing. 

We may also use your information for marketing via ordinary post.

We are also doing customer satisfaction surveys via email on an ongoing basis.
We send information about ProMark modules or functionality, you are not already using 

You have given us permission to send you information about systems like ProMark, which can be beneficial to you and your company. In this case, we use your email and possible purchase history. We never use your email address etc. in conflict with marketing legislation and you can withdraw your consent at any time.

You have received assistance from Customer Care or a consultant 

We will subsequently send an evaluation form in order to continuously improve our service
Data Protection Regulation, article 6 (a, b and f).

Our legitimate interests are:
– to develop and market our products
– to sell our products
– to complete customer satisfaction analyses
– to improve our products and services
3. Administration and improvement of our digital services
We are using tracking software to register the number of visits on, including which domains the visitors are coming from and what content they are looking at. The information is only used to develop and improve our digital services and does not enable us to identify individual persons. 
You are using our digital services

When you visit our website, we process your information in order to improve our digital services. 
Data Protection Regulation, article 6 (f).

Our legitimate interests are:
– to improve the user experience
– to develop and improve our digital services
4. Processing of job applications
All job applications (both specific and general) are registered and processed by our HR manager and any managers and interviewers involved.
You send us a job application

We register and assess your application and keep the information received while processing. No later than 3 months after completing the process, we will delete all data and emails.
Data Protection Regulation, article 6, paragraph 1 (b).

Our legitimate interests are:
– Manage your application and communicate about any interview and contract/refusal.

If we process your data for other purposes than described above, we will inform you about the new purposes in advance of the actual processing if it falls under the data protection regulations.

4. Insight into your data (the right of access and the right to be forgotten)

You can get information about which personal data we have registered and process about you. Contact us on or the address listed above if you want the right to:

  • access to your personal data stored in our databases 
  • have your personal data corrected/updated 
  • be deleted/erased from our databases
  • limit your data with us
  • electronic transfer of your data
  • make objections
  • not have decisions made based on automatic handling, including profiling

We will respond to your question or request as soon as possible (and at least within one month from receiving your request, although this may be extended in difficult cases). If your question or request is comprehensive, it may be necessary to ask for additional information from you.

5. Our data processors/sub data processors

We use a number of data processors and sub data processors to handle personal data on our behalf. These third parties have been carefully selected and are all governed by data processing agreements (DPA) and sub data processing agreements with us according to the legislation in EU’s General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR).

6. How long do we keep your personal data? 

We will delete your personal data when it is no longer needed.

In general, ProMark complies with the filing period applicable to the current Bookkeeping Act in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the UK. To ensure correct handling of returning customer relationships, potential complaints and warranty commitments and to be able to meet our obligations, we have determined that it is necessary to keep information for up to 10 years plus the current year effective from the business relationship or purpose has ended based on the law in the country where personal data is stored. 

7. Violation of data 

We will report every illegal violation of databases from any of our data processors or sub data processors to all relevant persons or authorities within 72 hours after the breach, if it appears clearly that personal data stored in an identifiable way has been compromised. 

8. Contact regarding data protection or privacy policy 

If you have further questions regarding our privacy policy or our data processing, please contact us via email or at the address listed above. 

If you want to submit a complaint, we refer to the Information Commissioner’s Office at

Please note, that an ordinary email is NOT considered as secure communication. Thus, don’t include personal or sensitive information or other types of information that you think should be protected.

The privacy policy is effective from 20 February 2020.

This website is owned and administered by ProMark A/S.

ProMark A/S
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