Streamline your scheduling and ensure optimal use of your people
  • NThe right people at the right time and place
  • NStay compliant with working time rules
  • NEmpower your employees with self-service

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Ensuring the right people in the right place at the right time while respecting working time rules doesn’t have to be a complex and time-consuming task

With ProMark, you can ensure the most efficient use of your people, control your labour and overtime costs – and free up time.

The right people at the right time and place

Make sure that the right people are at the right place at the right time to ensure optimal business performance – without exceeding your payroll budgets.

Stay compliant with working time rules

Ensure that all schedules are compliant with applicable working time rules and your internal company policies – every time.

Empower your employees with self-service

Empower your employees by enabling them to swap, sell and take on shifts and indicate wishes for preferred working time with an always updated overview of their schedules – no matter where they are.
“For a production company like ours, it is important to always be able to adapt our production to the demand. That requires a flexible IT solution which is what we have with ProMark.”
– Jan Andreasen, IT Project Manager, Hartmann


Benefits across your organisation


Work plan at hand

Make sure that your employees always have an overview of his/her working hours – even in case of changes to the plan.

Stay informed with notifications

Easily notify your employees if the plans change or vacant shifts are offered.

Let your employees man the shifts

Allow your employees to swap, sell and take on vacant shifts with just a few clicks.

Easily create the best staff rota

Easily create staff roster plans based on rotations and employee work hours – and adjust as needed including cover for planned absence.

Shift scheduling based on demands

Easily build shift schedules based on actual demands for manpower at specific times, while respecting planned absence, need for qualifications etc.

AI-powered scheduling

With AI, the planner can be served a draft for the best plan taking both forecast, working time rules and employee qualifications and wishes into consideration.

Add budgets and forecasted manning

Define the need for manpower hour by hour based on forecasts and set up your payroll budget to ensure that your schedules and costs are in line.

Manage more shifts on the same day

Plan multiple shifts on the same day for employees. Both for the same function and for different roles – and thus perhaps a different payment.

Easy handling of casual workers

Easily manage your casual workers who are hired for hours as needed.

Instant rescheduling

Monitor employee attendance in real time and react fast to unforeseen absence to avoid understaffing and delays.

Detailed planning of tasks

Create lists of specific tasks to be carried out during the workday and distribute the tasks to available employees to ensure overview.

Easy approval for managers

Managers can easily approve relevant shift swaps and other activities made by employees via self-service.

Stay compliant

Prevent violation of complex working time regulations, collective agreements and company policies – for both hourly and salaried workers.


Improve visibility

No more yellow notes and oral agreements. Ensure an updated overview of the schedules – also when they change.

Integrate with Outlook

Make information about shifts available to everyone via Outlook to improve overview and customer service.

Sync your HR data

Integrate with your HR system for easy exchange of employee master data.

Improve visibility

Get detailed insights into labour costs, worked/planned hours, overtime and absence trends through reports and analytics to make informed business decisions.

Manage planned and unplanned absence

Advanced handling of holiday leave and sickness absence with automated workflows ensures follow-up in time.

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Simple integration with your existing systems

Want to connect with your HR, payroll and ERP systems? No problem! ProMark allows you to seamlessly tie together your company’s systems. No matter which systems you have. With certified integrations to SAP, Microsoft and many others, we help you achieve next-level productivity.