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ProMark Workforce Management

The complete SaaS Workforce Management solution built to maximise employee engagement and productivity

We help you scale as your business grows – both in terms of number of employees and need for functionality

With a broad spectrum of functionality, services and integration options, ProMark is a future-proof solution with low total costs and thus an attractive and safe choice, regardless of your platform strategy.
Automate your Time & Attendance to get payroll right every time

Time & Attendance

Getting payroll right every time doesn’t have to be a headache. Automate your time & attendance process to save time, ensure compliance and get greater visibility with real-time information.

Correct wages – no more, no less

Track employee hours validated against working time rules and company-specific agreements for all types of employees

User interface for all needs

Whether you work in HR/payroll, is a manager or record your time as an employee, there is an easy-to-use interface for you

Seamless integration with HR and payroll

Use it with your existing HR and payroll solutions for seamless exchange of payroll-related data in minutes

Real-time insights

Get greater visibility into attendance and absence in real time, allowing for timely follow-up

Absence Management

Good absence management pays off! Power your absence management to comply with rules and deadlines, while getting overview for follow-up and long-term planning.
Power up your absence management for follow-up and compliance

Stay compliant with rules

Comply with national rules and company policies around holiday leave and sickness absence

Proactive holiday planning

Get complete visibility into holiday balances, allowing for proactive and long-term planning to ensure business continuity

Improved handling of sickness absence

Structure your follow-up on sickness absence to bring it down and ensure correct payment of your employees

Focus on work/life balance

Increase employee well-being by focusing on work/life balance. Make sure that employees get the holiday they are entitled to and get support in case of long-term sickness

Streamline your scheduling process to create the optimal plan in less time


Ensuring the right people in the right place at the right time doesn’t have to be a complex and time-consuming task. Streamline your scheduling process to create the optimal plan in less time and ensure compliance and complete overview for all.

Align schedules with demands and budgets

Make sure that the right people are in place to ensure optimal business performance without exceeding your payroll budgets

Stay compliant with working time rules

Ensure that all plans are compliant with applicable working time rules and internal company policies – every time

Improve transparency for all

Say goodbye to yellow notes and verbal agreements. Get an updated overview of your schedules – also when they change

Empower your employees with easy-to-use self-service

Allow employees to swap, sell and take on shifts with an always updated overview of their schedules, no matter where they are

Task Management

No more assumptions and gut feelings! Track time spent on all tasks in real time for ongoing follow-up on deliveries and costs – and more data-driven decisions.
Track time spent on tasks and projects for ongoing insigths

Updated data – in real time

Get real-time information on progress to ensure that you are on track – and respond fast to deviations

Detailed insights for cost control

Combine time and job registration for complete overview of how much time is used on each task for forecasting, optimisation and post-calculation

Faster invoicing of completed work

Get a fast and exact basis for invoicing as work hours and project registrations are recorded on an ongoing basis

Simple user interfaces at hand

Improve effectiveness by allowing your employees to easily distribute all working hours on the right tasks, no matter where they are

User experience

Intuitive user interfaces for every need

Intuitive user interfaces on mobile app, web portal, pc or terminal facilitate simple registration and validation of data.


Integrate to your HR, payroll and ERP

Connect ProMark to your existing HR, ERP and payroll systems for seamless exchange of data and optimal support of all business processes – no matter which systems you have.


Analytics for data-driven decisions

Get up to date information that can easily be shared across the company to make more fact-based – and thus more qualified – decisions.

ProMark is trusted by
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A proven leader in workforce management – time and time again

Listed as a Representative Vendor in the Gartner® Market Guide for Workforce Management Applications for 8 years in a row.

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