Task Management

Collect time spent on tasks for actual insights into your company’s operations
  • NCombined time and job registration for complete overview
  • NHigh quality data – in real time
  • NSimple user interfaces at hand

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No more assumptions and gut feelings due to lack of overview!

With ProMark, you can automate the collection of time spent on work tasks to get real-time information. This allows you to respond quickly to changes in demand or capacity, ensure deliveries in time, control costs and make better data-driven decisions.

Combined time and job registration for complete overview

Combined time and job registration for complete overview

Let your employees account for what they work on during their working hours for an accurate and complete overview of your company’s use of time – without manual time sheets.

High quality data – in real time

Get real-time insights into activities for ongoing follow-up and faster reaction to deviations as well as forecasting, planning, cost calculation and optimisation – with easy integration to your ERP system.
High quality data – in real time
Simple user interfaces at hand

Simple user interfaces at hand

Make it easy and simple for your employees to register time spent on different projects or productions orders with just a few clicks.

“With ProMark, we now have a modern, automated solution for collection of employee working time. It has provided us with the desired transparency so we can constantly track use of time and status on production orders – and adjust if necessary.”

– Bo Bendixen, CFO, Valmont SM


Benefits across your organisation


Increased worker effectiveness

Easily distribute all working hours on the right tasks with just a few clicks.

Updated data creates overview

Get real-time information on time spent and progress to ensure that you are on track.

Timely actions

Get notifications om missing registrations, deviations and other relevant events.

Fast reaction to deviations

Quickly identify bottlenecks and respond to deviations before it is too late.

Collect detailed data from the shop floor

Gather production-critical information on e.g. produced/scrapped amounts, status on orders and materials consumption.

Right person on the right project

Get overview of who is working on what and if employees are allocated correctly on projects.

User experiences for all needs

Simplify the collection of data through modern, intuitive user experiences.

Improved transparency

Ensure that everybody works from the same updated data and knows what is most important to focus on.

Efficient documentation of hours for cost control

Monitor the time usage and compare it against the budget for cost control and post calculation.

Data-driven decisions

Detailed insights into current activities provide a data-driven basis for forecasting, post-calculation and optimisation of your company’s processes.

Faster invoicing of completed work

Get the exact invoicing basis if the employee’s working hours are to be invoiced to your customers.

Sync with your ERP data

Enrich data in your ERP system by tracking performance and progress in real time at a detailed level.

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Simple integration with your existing systems

Want to connect with your HR, payroll and ERP systems? No problem! ProMark allows you to seamlessly tie together your company’s systems – no matter which systems you have. With certified integrations to SAP, Microsoft and many others, we help you achieve next-level productivity.