Staff rostering

Easily create the best staff roster plans based on rotations and normal employee work hours
  • NCreate staff roster plan in minutes
  • NStay compliant with working time rules
  • NTight control of hours

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Ensuring the right people are available when needed doesn’t have to be a complex task

With ProMark, you can easily create staff roster plans based on rotations and the employees’ normal work hours – and adjust as needed.
Create staff roster plan in minutes

Create staff roster plan in minutes

Create a basic rotation plan based on your business needs and the employees’ normal working hours and planned absence – and make it available on mobile app or portal for overview, also when there are changes.

Stay compliant with working time rules

Ensure that all schedules are compliant with applicable working time rules and your internal company agreements and policies – every time.
Stay compliant with working time rules
Tight control of hours

Tight control of hours

See the impact of a plan in terms of hours before it is published to ensure that the costs are in line with your payroll budget.
“For a production company like ours, it is important to always be able to adapt our production to the demand. That requires a flexible IT solution which is what we have with ProMark”.
– Jan Andreasen, IT Project Manager, Hartmann

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Simple integration with your existing systems

Want to connect with your HR, payroll and ERP systems? No problem! ProMark allows you to seamlessly tie together your company’s systems – no matter which systems you have. With certified integrations to SAP, Microsoft and many others, we help you achieve next-level productivity.