Greater efficiency in the planning process and balanced distribution of personnel among shifts is creating future savings

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Holmen is a forestry industry group which manufactures printing paper, cardboard and timber products, and conducts operations in the fields of forestry and energy. Its own forest holdings and high proportion of self-produced energy are strategically important resources for the future development of Holmen.

The business is made up of five business areas: Forest, Renewable energy, Wood products, Paperboard and Paper

“It is easy to keep track of available staff numbers, so it is possible to plan resources effectively. This allows overtime to be shared among more people and avoid infringing contracts”.
– Patrik Hjelm, Staff Manager, Holmen Paper

The challenge

  • ^Manual, time-consuming planning process
  • ^Too much overtime being done due to an uncertain and inflexible planning process
  • ^Lack of clarity and involvement in the planning process from the standpoint of operators

Success criteria

  • ^Enhanced efficiency in the planning process
  • ^Reduction in the cost of overtime and breaches of working time regulations
  • ^Greater staff satisfaction
  • ^Capacity planning over time which reflects the actual need

Key functionality

  • ^Overall, the solution is a workforce management solution which supports planning, reporting and follow-up
  • ^The solution comprises Time & Attendance, which includes all employees at Holmen
  • ^The solution is now being supplemented with roster planning for shift workers
  • ^Integration with HR plus payroll


  • ^Real-time image of who is on which shift, with current eligibility and balances, as well as a list of people who are absent
  • ^A better overview, with an opportunity to identify future overtime problems
  • ^Simple, consistent planning for all personnel in one and the same system
  • ^Support for management of replacements, taking into account overtime and working time regulations
  • ^Opportunity to follow up on individual-related absence and correction

Primary results

  • ^Enhanced efficiency in the planning process
  • ^Reduction in the cost of overtime and breaches of working time regulations
  • ^Reduced absence and related costs
  • ^Greater staff satisfaction

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