CASE STUDY: Gjensidige Forsikring

From manual administration to automatic notification!

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Gjensidige in Denmark is a subsidiary of Gjensidige Forsikring ASA – one of Scandinavia’s four largest non-life insurance companies with activities in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the Baltic States. Gjensidige Forsikring offers insurance to individuals, business, agriculture and the public sector. The Danish branch of Gjensidige Forsikring has approx. 500 dedicated employees.

Gjensidige’s overall goal is to be the most customer-oriented company in the insurance industry, and they prioritize profitability rather than growth.

For Gjensidige Forsikring, it was essential to automate all work processes in the administration so they chose to extend their ProMark solution with automatic notifications to get more benefit from the solution.

“We have outsourced our payroll administration and wish to avoid manual procedures both within our administration department and for our employees. Part of the solution was to expand our ProMark process support with automatic reminders for managers in case of missing approvals and reminders for employees with missing registrations. As a result, our payroll reporting has become more reliable and accurate”.
– Kenneth Ruby Jensen, Department Director, HR Nordic, Gjensidige Forsikring

The challenge

  • ^Too many manual administrative procedures
  • ^Hard to comply with deadlines in connection with payroll and follow-up on absence
  • ^Missing registrations and approvals and timely reporting of mileage
  • ^Too little follow-up on sick leave

Success criteria

  • ^The project comprises approx. 480 employees
  • ^Time, hassle and manual efforts in the administration must be reduced
  • ^The number of missing registrations, approvals and reports must be reduced and absence due to illness must be lowered

Key functionality

  • ^Time & attendance and absence registration
  • ^Project registration
  • ^Reminders to managers on missing registrations or too much absence due to illness, which facilitates follow-up within deadlines


  • ^The administration avoids spending time following up on employees who have forgotten to make registrations as they receive automated reminders
  • ^Recipients of the notifications have more time to complete the task as reminders are not sent at the last minute but at a specified time

Primary results

  • ^Saved time and effort through automation of workflows and processes without manual effort in the payroll administration
  • ^More smooth and accurate payroll reporting
  • ^Higher efficiency and productivity

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