Doggy AB chose ProMark as a cost-effective replacement for their old time & attendance system

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Doggy AB is the largest manufacturer of food for cats and dogs in Sweden. With more than a century’s experience in the production of animal food, the company successfully operates in the international market – through its wholly owned subsidiary Bozita. Markets outside Sweden and the other Nordic countries include Germany, Russia, Poland and Holland.

Doggy AB markets products under its own brand and private labels in several countries. The company’s head office is in Vårgårda, which is also where the pet food is manufactured. The factory is one of the most modern in Europe.

“People sometimes worry when changes are made to anything which affects salaries, and we had in fact expected some questions to be asked. But instead, the staff hardly needed any assistance and have adopted the system more or less automatically. Everything has gone really well; much better than we expected, actually”.
– Margareta Larsson, HR Manager, Doggy AB

The challenge

  • ^Cumbersome to handle the payroll process with a large amount of manual work
  • ^Extensive delays at all stages
  • ^Lack of support and development of the present system

Success criteria

  • ^One common solution for the whole group
  • ^Transparency throughout the process
  • ^A simple and stable system
  • ^Reliable support available
  • ^Solution covering 95 employees

Key functionality

  • ^Implementation of ProMark Time & Attendance
  • ^Terminals at three locations for time reporting
  • ^Reporting for follow-up and control
  • ^Staff roster planning


  • ^Employees can now view their own balances in real time
  • ^Keep tabs on their own working hours
  • ^Plan holiday more effectively

Primary results

  • ^Ten hours a month has been freed up in the payroll office alone
  • ^Improved efficiency and simplification of supervisor and manager administration has been achieved in time reporting

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