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The DLG Group is one of Europe’s largest farm supply companies and is owned by Danish farmers. Operating solely on the Danish market 15 years ago, DLG is now an international conglomerate with activities in 18 countries.

In 2016, DLG had a turnover of 49 billion DKK and is, thus, one of Denmark’s largest companies measured by revenue. Approx. 60% of DLG’s revenue is generated in Germany which is their largest market.

DLG has approx. 6,500 employees of which 2,500 are employed in Denmark and 3,500 in Germany.

“It was an incredibly heavy and inefficient work process, and on top of that, the many handovers increased the risk of errors even more. We were clearly in need of both simplification and digitalisation and in 2008 we dispensed with the punch cards and dived directly into electronic time recording with ProMark”.

– Maria Kofod Larsen, Group Chief Executive for Organisation & Strategy, DLG

The challenge

  • ^A general focus on simplifying processes in DLG as part of an ambitious optimisation strategy
  • ^Heavy and inefficient time recording process with many manual workflows and risk of errors
  • ^Lack of insight into registrations

Success criteria

  • ^The solution covers approx. 800 registrants in Denmark
  • ^Roll-out in stages: First, the head office of the parent company, then the rest of the country and eventually the subsidiaries
  • ^Involve managers and employees in the process from the very start to ensure successful implementation

Key functionality

  • ^Replace paper-based timesheets with a digital solution
  • ^Real-time registration via LAN-Touch terminals
  • ^Mobile app solution for approx. 110 drivers
  • ^Staff roster planning
  • ^Integration to payroll system


  • ^Exact ongoing T&A registration
  • ^Fewer payroll errors
  • ^Employees have full insight into their own time registration
  • ^Manager access to detailed data
  • ^Better overview of absence due to illness allowing for focused actions

Primary results

  • ^Increased trust between manager and employee
  • ^Greater employee satisfaction
  • ^Freeing up resources that can be used to create value and develop employees
  • ^Increased insight and efficiency

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”Apart from the obvious advantages for managers and employees through their access to detailed data, it has boosted employee satisfaction enormously”.
– Maria Kofod Larsen, Group Chief Executive for Organisation & Strategy, DLG