Simplified and efficient handling of the temporary workers pool

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Ahlsell is the leading Nordic distributor of installation products, tools and supplies for installers, contractors, facility managers, industry, energy companies and the public sector.

Ahlsell operates in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Poland and Russia.

With approx 5,700 skilled employees, over 240 stores and three central warehouses, Ahlsell has a revenue of approx. 31 billion SEK.

“The mobile app for ProMark simplifies and streamlines the entire management of the temporary workers pool. Ahlsell saves time and money by having a flexible pool of temporary workers where the management of these employees in ProMark supports the rules applicable to casual workers. And, as an employer, we get a modern image by using cutting-edge tools for our employees”.
– Ingela Tholin Carlos, Production Planner, Ahlsell

The challenge

  • ^In 2019, Ahlsell established their own temporary workers pool. The communication around vacant shifts took place via phone and email with follow-up by pen and paper – and subsequent manual handling in ProMark. This was a very time-consuming process.

Success criteria

  • ^The need for extra shifts is created from forecasts on the number of orders to be picked and the known absence
  • ^All vacant shifts are published in ProMobile and can be taken on a first-come, first-served basis – without manager approval
  • ^Support for continuous increase in the number of users


  • ^Mobile app with self-service functions
  • ^Ahlsell already uses time & attendance registration for all employees in Sweden and Norway
  • ^Staff roster planning
  • ^Integration to HR-plus and Visma payroll systems
  • ^Terminals


  • ^Much more efficient and precise handling of shifts
  • ^Everything around working time is in place when the students clock in
  • ^Employees always have an overview of their shifts on their mobile
  • ^Team managers get a complete overview of their staff

Primary results

  • ^Saves time and money
  • ^Better ability to meet demand compared to Ahlsell’s highly detailed forecasts
  • ^Correct remuneration of the students
  • ^A modern image as an employer by using cutting-edge tools

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