CASE STUDY: Nykredit

Efficient registration of time and more transparency

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Nykredit is one of Denmark’s leading financial groups with banking and mortgage loans to private customers, businesses and farmers as the main business areas. In addition, Nykredit also has activities within insurance, leasing, pension, investment and real estate services.

At the same time, Nykredit is developing and expanding the Totalkredit partnership with 60 local and regional banks.

Nykredit is headquartered in Copenhagen and has approx. 4,500 employees at 43 centres all over Denmark.

“Nykredit is heading towards a higher degree of automation to increase the efficiency of the organisation. In that context, time and attendance registration also plays an important role. With ProMark we now have a user-friendly and future-proof solution”.
– Steen Sloth, Department Director, Group IT, Nykredit

The challenge

  • ^Old system developed in-house is out of date
  • ^The solution does not comply with Nykredit's strategy of using standard systems
  • ^Heavy dependence on key personnel
  • ^Too many manual processes

Success criteria

  • ^A solution that supports T&A registration for all employees, regardless of their conditions of employment
  • ^Responsibility for configuration of changes related to the finance sector’s collective agreement now lies with the supplier
  • ^Integration to the resource planning system
  • ^Management overview

Key functionality

  • ^Registration of Time & attendance
  • ^Adaption of registration method according to the terms of the different employment types
  • ^E-mail notifications targeted at Nykredit
  • ^Mileage reporting
  • ^Integration to Visma payroll solution and Outlook calendar
  • ^Business Intelligence


  • ^Data and reports in real time
  • ^Transparency in relation to data / data quality
  • ^Modern user interface
  • ^Future-proof system where the supplier handles all system development

Primary results

  • ^Efficient administration of time and attendance data
  • ^Real-time overview for the managers
  • ^Modern and intuitive user interface

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