CASE STUDY: Kongamek

Roster planning in ProMark gives better overview and frees up time

The Konga Mekaniska Verkstad AB (Kongamek) group comprises several companies and production units mainly operating on the European market. They have a prominent position as manufacturer and supplier of material handling solutions.

Kongamek’s standard range of more than 1000 products includes various trolleys, roll containers, pallet frames, wire baskets, wheelbarrows, sack trucks and warehouse trolleys. In addition to their standard range, they also offer customised solutions.

“It is a big improvement that we can now move detailed planning to the relevant work foreman and avoid depending on central administrators. Great tool for minor and temporary schedule changes”.
– Christian Malm, CFO, Kongamek

The challenge

  • ^As an administrator, the CFO is a bottleneck and he is not the direct manager of the relevant staff
  • ^Need for rapid and temporary schedule changes and absence and often at short notice
  • ^Staff clocking in on the wrong schedule/shift entails more administration

Success criteria

  • ^Easy to learn, little training is required
  • ^Replanning can be done quickly and close to the information source
  • ^Good visual overview of staff

Key functionality

  • ^With staff rostering as their tool for staffing overview and planning, the production manager and planners get a simple overview and easy way to handle their staff. Mainly regarding absence and changes in work schedules


  • ^Managers responsible for personnel can easily manage changes to work schedules
  • ^Frees up time from the finance and administrative functions
  • ^Excellent and user-friendly overview of own staff for planners and production manager
  • ^Easy to change work schedules

Primary results

  • ^Simple and easy overview of staff
  • ^Practical and transparent management of absence and changes in work schedules
  • ^Fast and flexible planning and replanning
  • ^Saves time in finance and administration

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”Managing our staff in the system is very flexible and easy – especially when we need to change work schedules with short notice”.
– Marcus Meurling, Production Manager, Kongamek