CASE STUDY: Becketts Foods Ltd.

Efficient staff roster planning increases flexibility

Becketts Food - Bacon at its Best

Becketts Foods Ltd. is a leading supplier of bacon to the foodservice & retail industries in the UK, and throughout Europe. As a family business with international backing, they are dedicated to providing bacon at its best.

Becketts offers 5 distinctly different bacon ranges and produces more than 1,000 tonnes of bacon and gammon every week.

The company operates two production sites in Coventry, adhering to global standards for food safety, and employs approx. 160 people.

“ProMark’s planning tools help with managing staff and shift patterns throughout the business, giving a lot of flexibility to the planning department for the multiple production runs within the company”.
– Tamar Butkhuzi, HR Advisor, Becketts Food

The challenge

  • ^Too many manual processes in the payroll process
  • ^No real-time overview of employee attendance and absence
  • ^Improve planning of work schedules for all personnel to cover the different production runs within the company
  • ^Need for securing access for relevant employees and guests only

Success criteria

  • ^Flexible registration of Time & Attendance for all employees via either portal or hardware terminals
  • ^Facilitate smooth payroll handling via automated approval procedures and integration
  • ^Avoid unidentified access to Becketts’ premises

Key functionality

  • ^Time & attendance registration
  • ^Employee registrations via web portal and terminals
  • ^Web portal for management overview, approvals and absence-KPI
  • ^Integration to the payroll system for transfer of payroll data
  • ^Staff roster planning
  • ^Reporting
  • ^Access control on all doors


  • ^Detailed registration of working hours and absence
  • ^No buddy-clocking possible
  • ^Efficient planning of the various shifts in the production while complying with working time rules
  • ^Always updated overview of who is where – which is also very useful in case of fire
  • ^Reliable figures and reports for better decisions

Primary results

  • ^Reduced administrative time in the payroll process
  • ^Swift approval process for managers
  • ^Less time spent on employee scheduling in the planning department, while ensuring efficient use of resources

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