Streamline your scheduling and production processes to ensure deliveries in time and cost control

To be successful in today’s highly specialised and competitive manufacturing industry, optimised processes and access to real-time data are fundamental to achieve operational excellence.

An integrated business platform is therefore needed to manage the entire operations from resource utilisation, employee engagement to cost control and financial growth.

ProMark for Production

ProMark helps you keep your production processes and costs under control:

Efficient employee scheduling

Flexible scheduling of your hourly workers to better align with production demand ensures optimal use of your workforce and control of your labour costs – and allows for instant rescheduling to adapt to changing needs.

Real-time operational insights

Refine your ERP data with valid, real-time information on tasks and processes, allowing you to follow up on productivity, address challenges faster, make better decisions and ensure profit margins and deliveries in time.

Correct payroll in time

Registration of hours worked and absence as well as deviation reasons validated against a variety of collective and local agreements ensure correct payroll in time with less administrative work for all.

Improved employee experience

Simplify reporting of hours spent on jobs with user-specific interfaces and allow for self-service options to manage shifts, request time off, see own and company information and interact with colleagues.

“With ProMark, we now have a modern, automated solution for collection of employee working time. It has provided us with the desired transparency so we can constantly track use of time and status on production orders – and adjust if necessary”

– Bo Bendixen, CFO, SM Industries