Why you should choose time registration and workforce scheduling with certified integrations

By extending the company’s payroll, HR and ERP systems with a specialised solution for time & attendance registration and employee scheduling, you can put together the exact solution that best meets your needs – and at the same time avoid customer-specific programming.

Software integration is the way forward when companies want optimal support of their business processes using IT. Often, a solution that is based on one system only will force companies to compromise on one or more business goals and does not necessarily provide the best user interface for your employees or managers. A solution of specialised and well-integrated systems provides a much more flexible and efficient support of the processes.

By tying your IT systems together, allowing data and processes to flow easily and seamlessly across platforms, you can create a more coherent infrastructure. This is of great value for most companies:

  • Less manual administrative routines
  • Fewer errors in the transfer of data
  • Data in real time – where it is needed and when it is needed
  • Faster information and thus, ability to respond more quickly to changes
  • Overview and a factual basis for decisions
  • Increased efficiency

ProMark is an example of an independent software vendor (ISV) with a best-of-breed Workforce Management solution addressing the complexities within Time & Attendance, Absence Management, Scheduling and Task Management.

Best-of-breed solution for time registration and employee scheduling

ProMark is a specialised Workforce Management solution that supports time & attendance registration, absence management, employee scheduling as well as job and activity registration. With intuitive user interfaces on e.g. mobile app and web portal, ProMark facilitates simple registration and validation of data.

Integrations have been part of the ProMark universe for many years. Integration to the company’s payroll system is always part of the setup, but often ProMark is also integrated with other business systems such as HR and ERP.

ProMark acts as a natural extension of these systems and can enrich them with valuable and current information on e.g. attendance, absence, how many hours that are spent on the individual tasks and other production-related data – in real time. This provides a complete and validated payroll basis, helps to ensure optimal usage of the company’s employees and delivers relevant insights into ongoing activities for follow-up.

State of the art integrations with quality stamps

ProMark offers different integration options to a wide range of well-known systems – from the very simple to the most advanced ones according to the latest standards. This ensures a smooth interaction between ProMark and the other systems – and allows you to design the exact solution that best meets your needs – without any specific programming.

Several of ProMark’s integrations have even been certified by SAP and Microsoft:

  • SAP SuccessFactors
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

The certifications ensure that ProMark is a reliable extension option that adds value to the existing IT landscape in your company. You get a complete standard solution with built-in integration, supporting configuration instead of user-specific coding – both when it comes to the business system and ProMark.

Benefits of certified integrations

There are several benefits to certified integrations:

  • They are a seal of quality, testifying that ProMark is a reliable extension of the existing system landscape
  • They ensure that companies can design their specific business solution in a flexible way
  • They simplify the implementation through available documentation and makes it easier for companies to get started They ensure that ProMark is continuously maintained and updated according to new versions of the other platforms
  • They make ProMark a safe choice

Regardless of your platform strategy, ProMark is the obvious choice for Workforce Management. With advanced functionality and intuitive user interfaces that simplify employee registrations, ProMark is a future-proof platform with open APIs and standardised integrations that increase the value of SAP and Microsoft solutions and many other business systems.