Trends in a world of HR, ERP and payroll systems that becomes more digitalized and user-focused

ProMark is often integrated with companies’ HR, ERP and payroll systems to ensure a smooth exchange of data. Therefore, we follow the development of these systems closely. Right now, we see 3 distinct trends.

As partner with different system vendors, including SAP and Microsoft, we have ongoing dialogues to understand the strategic direction that affects their – and our common – customers’ daily lives. 

The 3 most distinct trends right now are:

#1 The future is cloud

Many companies are in the midst of a digital transformation where they replace physical hardware with modern cloud platforms. This picture recurs in the latest, major global analyses which show that up to 60% of all midsize and large companies will have invested in HCM-related cloud solutions by 2025.

This not only makes it possible to save money by having a much more cost-effective infrastructure. It also provides greater flexibility through almost immense possibilities when it comes to scalability, security and development of new services.

Therefore, cloud can contribute greatly to making companies more competitive.

#2 No code/low code approach

The new cloud solutions are standard solutions that cannot be adjusted to your particular business. This means that additional functionality for optimum support of all HCM and ERP processes must be added by integrating specialized solutions.

Many large technology vendors, including SAP and Microsoft, have adopted the app approach as the way forward. This means that companies, to a much greater extent that before, can put together the optimal solution using ‘apps’ in deeply specialized areas that are developed specifically to integrate with other systems – regardless of their complexity.

These specialised ‘apps’ are easily installed and support configuration rather than customer-specific coding. In this way, companies can keep their HR and ERP solutions ’clean’ which makes it much easier to upgrade and get full value from the new opportunities that the large technology vendors continuously roll out in the cloud. And the ‘apps’ are maintained and updated by the respective suppliers so they are always compatible with the latest version of the HR and ERP systems.

#3 User experience is crucial

Modern user experiences and availability foster efficient employees and are therefore crucial when it comes to ensuring the adoption of IT solutions among your employees.

In addition, digital processes and modern user interfaces have a positive effect on companies’ employer brand – both in relation to satisfaction among existing employees and when it comes to attracting new that belong to the generation of digital natives.

Analyses also show that up to 80% of all larger companies with hourly workers will have invested in Workforce Management solutions by 2025 to support better employee experiences and a more digital workplace.

ProMark 365 Cloud – the simple way to the cloud

All 3 trends are important elements in the development of ProMark. With our ProMark 365 Cloud, we have created a cloud platform that supports modern companies’ requirements for functionality, infrastructure, security, integration options and more.

The functionality in ProMark complements HR and ERP solutions in several areas, particularly when it comes to advanced time and job registration, absence management and employee scheduling.

Therefore, we offer standard integrations to a wide range of well-known systems and have even developed a ProMark solution specifically for SAP and Microsoft in their app stores with pre-built – and certified – integrations, ready for use. This ensures that ProMark is a reliable extension option that adds value to the existing IT landscapes in the company.

Since ProMark is a work tool that most employees use daily to record time & attendance, it is only natural to make it the front-end for your HR and ERP solutions. With intuitive user interfaces on devices such as mobile app, web portal, terminals and pc/tablets, ProMark can facilitate simple registration and validation of data with just a few clicks.

By combining ProMark with your cloud-based HR and ERP systems, you can get a completely specific and flexible business solution with the latest technology and low total costs of ownership (TCO) – without time-consuming development and maintenance.

Contact us to learn more about how to start – or continue – your cloud journey.