5 good reasons to migrate to the cloud now

If you are also considering whether it is time to move your IT solutions to the cloud, these arguments might inspire you to get started …

Cloud is seriously on the agenda in more and more companies. Many of them are in a situation where the existing IT setup is outdated and difficult to scale, secure and integrate to the modern cloud solutions.

Some may also experience that is both time-consuming and expensive to maintain the ProMark solution due to a cumbersome internal support and change process, without a clear agreement on who does what and when. This makes it difficult to either solve potential problems or win acceptance for changes at the desired pace.

Therefore, many companies have looked into how they can simplify and modernise the management of their business-critical systems and decided to move to the cloud. The company’s cloud strategies typically include HR, payroll, ERP and Workforce Management.

This is also a market trend that is supported by Gartner who predict that in 2026 public cloud spending will exceed 45% of all the company’s IT costs.

But what are the benefits of cloud solutions? Why should you migrate to the cloud? What is the value for you as a company?

Why you should move in the cloud!

In ProMark, we see a great interest in migrating to the cloud – both from existing customers and new customers. Hence, we offer a cloud platform that supports modern companies’ requirements for functionality, infrastructure, security and integration capabilities, among other things.

This means that today the most comprehensive capabilities of ProMark are delivered in our ProMark 365 Cloud.

The 5 most important benefits of ProMark 365 Cloud are:

  1. Increased flexibility
  2. High reliability and scalability
  3. High security
  4. Service level agreement with a clear scope
  5. Predictable and competitive total costs

#1 Increased flexibility

In general, cloud solutions offer high flexibility in a number of areas: Application-wise, technically and for the employees. And this also applies to ProMark!

The ProMark application itself is available in 4 different Software as a Service editions, ranging from the simplest time & attendance solution to the complete Workforce Management solution, including all available functionality. This gives you the flexibility to choose the package that suits you best.    

The application is maintained and upgraded periodically in the form of system updates that are rolled out to all in the cloud environment. This allows companies to continuously take advantage of and get value from the latest features in ProMark. The ongoing development also applies to the operational platform where access to new technical capabilities and different security functions are part of the package.

Our certified integrations to standard solutions from e.g. Microsoft and SAP can also be an innovative game-changer to many – and contributes greatly to increase flexibility. This makes it easy for you to tie together business systems such as payroll, HR and ERP from the system vendors’ app stores to a complete solution that supports your processes optimally. And we ensure continuous updates to ProMark as the partners’ solutions are updated.

Finally, your employees will be able to access ProMark via mobile app and web portal, whether they are at the company’s locations, working from home or at customers. The simple and intuitive user interfaces make the solution easy to use, contributing to optimise your internal processes – both for employees and administrators.

With ProMark 365 Cloud, you get a modern and very flexible platform that is continuously updated with best practice functionality and the latest on the technology side with built-in integration to the larger system platforms. 

#2 High reliability and scalability​

Another important attribute of cloud solutions is their reliability and scalability.

ProMark’s cloud solutions are hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform where the environment is mirrored at multiple locations for operational safety. This redundancy capacity combined with advanced monitoring tools ensure against interruptions and unplanned downtime. This means that you get a stable solution, allowing you to access what you need from any device at any time and from any location.

The platform can be scaled according to your business requirements if there is a need for extra capacity at certain times. The technical setup allows for stepwise migration to the cloud so you can include different business units and/or locations in the solution, at the pace that suits you.

With ProMark 365 Cloud, you can ensure business continuity and easily scale up and down according to your changing business requirements.

#3 High security​

With Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing service, you are guaranteed world-class technical competencies. Both datacenter security and data security aspects are handled by focused, technical specialists who control the platform and the most recent ProMark capabilities.

System monitoring and security solutions that automatically detect threats are a fundamental part of the service – and are continuously developed to always be able to live up to relevant security controls.

Moreover, we are ISAE 3000-certified which means that we adhere to GDPR requirements and protect the personal data we manage. The assurance report documents that we have established processes and controls in accordance with the data processing agreements made with our customers, in order to comply with the requirements of the GDPR.

In addition, we have implemented several modern data security measures such as user access via single sign-on and data exchange via SSL communication.

With ProMark 365 Cloud, you get a solution that meets applicable security requirements and compliance, including the GDPR. Without having to allocate resources to keep you updated on this very important area that is constantly evolving.

The technological development is booming ahead like never before and it can be difficult for companies to allocate the necessary resources to keep track of all the new technical possibilities”, says CTO Morten Janum. ”Therefore, it is of great value to be able to hand over the responsibility to an IT partner who has the required competencies and best practice processes to always optimise the service according to applicable standards.

#4 Service level agreement with a clear scope

All ProMark 365 Cloud solutions come with a service level agreement (SLA) with a clear scope for both availability and quality. This means a clear procedure for how any challenges with e.g. availability of the solution, technical errors on the platform or in ProMark must be managed and prioritised – and not least, when they must be solved.

In addition, there will be an agreed process for how changes are managed and communicated. This means that information about service windows that are used to manage the infrastructure, improve performance and add new functionality, are notified to the customer’s product owner in advance, allowing you to take the necessary precautions.

The platform is managed by specialists in different areas so the required skills are always available. Common to all of them is that they have ProMark in their DNA.

With ProMark 365 Cloud, you get a consistent service when it comes to availability/system uptime and any system recovery as well as better lead time on requested changes – in close collaboration with ProMark experts.

With ProMark 365 Cloud we take full responsibility for providing a complete solution with clear SLAs on the service so customers avoid having a puzzle of solutions that are not connected”, says Henrik Trolle, Deputy Head of Sales & Marketing. ”This makes our cloud solutions an ’easy ride’ for many companies.

#5 Predictable, competitive costs ​

With ProMark 365 Cloud, you pay a known fixed cost in accordance with the agreed SLA level. In addition to the ProMark solution, the cost also covers ongoing scaling of the infrastructure, database maintenance, data security and physical datacenter security as well as incident management. Moreover, the cost also includes management of ProMark and continuous upgrades so you are always on an upgraded and supported ProMark version.

With ProMark 365 Cloud, you can balance your IT costs and obtain predictable, competitive and low total cost of ownership (TCO) – while at the same time continuously being in a position to utilise the latest functionality in ProMark.

How do you get started?

The first step in a migration project is about uncovering your cloud journey and specific technical requirements. Which functionality is required? Do you need to be on a shared or private infrastructure? Which systems to integrate with etc.

ProMark is offered in 4 different Software as a Service editions, allowing you to choose the edition that best supports your company. All on a monthly subscription, without an initial investment. This makes It easier for you to get started.

Contact us if you need our help with your cloud migration project.