Will the time clock be reintroduced?

Get an understanding of the Danish consultation draft for the new bill on time registration.

The time clock has long gone out of fashion, but now it might be reintroduced in all Danish workplaces in either physical or digital form.

The Danish Ministry of Employment has sent a draft of a bill for external consultation which will entail a number of significant changes to the act on implementation of parts of the working time directive. The bill will, among other things, oblige employers to implement an objective, reliable and accessible time registration system which makes it possible to track the actual daily working time for each individual employee.

The bill is a response to the decision of the European Court of Justice from 2019 which emphasizes the importance of exact time registration to protect workers’ rights. This step is necessary to ensure compliance with the working time regulations in the Working Time Directive. Even though the judgment required the introduction of a time registration system, it did not provide exact details of the implementation which gives the member states discretionary power in accordance with EU rules. As an EU member, Denmark is obliged to comply with this decision and adjust national legislation accordingly.

We have gathered a number of questions and answers to help you understand the new bill:

What is the purpose of the bill?
What does registration of daily working hours entail?
Are there exceptions to the time registration requirement?
For how long must data be stored?
Who should have access to time registration data?
When is the bill expected to come into force?
What are the consequences of non-compliance?
What will happen now?

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