Certified integrations simplify the cloud journey

ProMark now even has certified integrations with SAP SuccessFactors solutions and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. With these new integrations, we now support market needs for modern integration options even better, preparing ProMark for companies’ future cloud strategies.

Integrations have been part of the ProMark universe for many years. Integration to the company’s payroll system is always part of the setup, but often ProMark is also integrated with other business systems such as HR and ERP.

The large system platforms from SAP and Microsoft have a wide range of functionality that support a number of processes in the company. But when it comes to administration of employees and their working time and absence as well as job and activity management, many companies need to add a specialised solution to get optimal support of all business processes and simplify the registration for employees.

This is exactly where ProMark fits in. ProMark acts as a natural extension to these ecosystems and can enrich them with current information on e.g. attendance, absence and production-related data. By integrating the company’s IT systems, allowing data to seamlessly flow across platforms, the company can create a more coherent infrastructure. This provides a far more flexible and efficient support of the company’s processes – without the need for customer-specific programming.

As the large system platforms move into the cloud, is it only natural for us to move as well to support our customers’ modernisation journey.

The new cloud solutions are standard solutions that cannot be adjusted to the individual company. This means that additional functionality must be added via integrations of specialised – and certified – solutions.

ProMark’s integrations to SAP ERP, SAP HCM and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management are already certified – and we can now add two more to the list:

  • SAP SuccessFactors solutions (SAP Cloud Solutions)
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC)

With these integrations, we have developed a ProMark solution specifically for SAP and Microsoft in their app centres. In other words: A modern, turnkey integration – ready for use. And we are continuously maintaining and updating the solution according to the new SAP and Microsoft cloud versions. The certifications ensure that ProMark is a reliable extension option that adds value to the existing IT landscapes in the company. You get a complete standard solution with built-in integration that supports configuration instead of custom coding – both when it comes to the business system and ProMark.

Certified integration to SAP SuccessFactors

The most recent SAP-certified integration is ProMark’s integration to SAP SuccessFactors solutions.

The certified solution supports extracting and sending HR master data from SAP SuccessFactors solutions and returning payroll and absence-related data to SAP SuccessFactors solutions – in real time.

By combining these two solutions, the company gets an advanced time & attendance solution that supports current working time agreements, and in particular the complex rules in the Nordics, including accrual of holiday leave. In addition, ProMark ensures efficient handling of deviations through 2-way communication with the employee.

The result is a complete, validated payroll basis for all types of employees (both hourly paid with varying working hours and salaried staff) that can automatically be transferred to the SAP solution.

In this way, ProMark complements the SAP SuccessFactors portfolio, supporting companies in managing employees’ working time and absence in compliance with current rules and agreements. This increases efficiency in the payroll preparations and ensures correct payroll in time.

Certified integration to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Since November 2020, ProMark has been available as an app with certified integration to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management on Microsoft AppSource. Now, we have developed a similar app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC).

With the new, certified integration, companies can add our job registration functionality to the production module in Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC. The integration ensures that the ProMark database is provided with production plans in the form of orders and operations from BC, and that data on time spent on the individual tasks is sent back. In addition to job time, the company can collect data directly from the production floor about produced and scrapped units, status on production orders and materials consumption.

In this way, you can enrich your ERP data in an automated process and get complete control of your tasks and production processes. With exact data in real time, the company gets relevant insights into ongoing activities and a data-driven basis for forecasting, follow-up, post-calculation and optimisation.

Dynamics 365 BC + ProMark = Faster and more stable environment at Kongamek

The Swedish company Kongamek AB is a great example of a customer who has chosen our integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC).

Kongamek is a leading manufacturer and supplier of solutions for material handling. Their 100 employees use ProMark every day for registration of attendance, absence and worked hours on orders in the production as well as employee scheduling.

For years, Kongamek has used file integration for file transfer of data at fixed times to their previous ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV. They have recently upgraded to Dynamics 365 BC with integration to ProMark via APIs for secure and stable transfer of data for the ongoing follow-up on production orders and costs.

We needed a more stable and faster environment to support our order production which we will get by integrating Dynamics 365 BC and ProMark”, says Freddie Börjesson, IT Manager at Kongamek. “And ProMark will handle the continuous updates of the integration in relation to new versions of BC which makes it much easier for us to upgrade in the future”.

The benefits of certified integrations

Choosing a certified integration provides many benefits your company:

  • You get a standard solution that supports configuration instead of coding which simplifies upgrades considerably
  • You can ease the implementation of the solution with available documentation and templates for data and setup
  • You get a solution with high security using the cloud solutions’ security requirements and API integration for direct exchange of data
  • You get a future-proof solution that is continuously maintained and updated according to the current version of SAP’s and Microsoft’s cloud solutions

With these new integrations, we support market needs for modern integration options even better, preparing ProMark for companies’ future cloud strategies. And we continuously focus on offering more modern integration options to increase flexibility and agility – and thus remain a relevant solution in an ever-changing world.