ProMark 365 Cloud: The simple way to the cloud for Solibri and Vizrt

With ProMark 365 Cloud, we have developed a cloud solution that makes it easy for companies to embark on the cloud journey. Learn why Solibri Oy and Vizrt chose ProMark 365 Cloud.

Many companies have already moved their IT solutions to the cloud, whereas others still consider when it is time to start the modernisation journey – and how.

Solibri Oy, a Finnish software provider of IT solutions for the construction industry, is a great example of a company that is well under way bringing their cloud agenda to life. Approx. 1.5 years ago, they chose Sympa HR which is a public cloud HR solution.

We decided on a public cloud setup when we were faced with having to modernize our IT platform”, says Piia Parkkali, HR director in Solibri. “It is the most cost-effective solution for us, and both infrastructure, software and security are kept up to date by vendors, while the platform can be scaled according to our needs”.

Integration is the way forward

Next step on the journey was to find a new time and attendance solution that could be integrated with their HR solution. Via Sympa Marketplace, which lists relevant solutions from partners, they found ProMark 365 Cloud.

We had a few overall requirements for our new time and attendance solution. In addition to the fact that it should of course be able to integrate with our HR solution, it should also be modern and simple to use – both for the employees and the administration. Therefore, we chose ProMark 365 Cloud Essentials”, Piia Parkkali continues.

ProMark 365 Cloud Essentials includes functionality for basic registration of clock-in, clock-out and all-day absence where employees register via mobile app and web portal. The system sends out notifications to ensure that registrations and approvals are made before the payroll is due to be prepared. Deviations are sent to the manager and administrator for approval. In addition, management has access to standard reports which provide a current overview for follow-up.

We look forward to start using ProMark at our Finnish headquarters at the beginning of 2022″, Piia Parkkali says. “Should we wish to expand the use of it to our business units in the UK, Germany or the Netherlands, we have the opportunity to do so. ProMark is an international solution that can easily and smoothly be scaled up to include more users, which is another advantage of modern cloud solutions”.

Exactly the international aspect was also an important factor for Vizrt – a leading provider of innovative visual storytelling tools for the media industry with 700 employees at offices in 16 countries and headquarters in Norway.

We wanted a global platform that could be rolled out to the entire group”, says Bernard Oghene, Global Head of Human Resources. “In addition, it was important for us to get a standardised solution where data is available to everyone – regardless of time and place – that is simple to use for our employees. We found that in ProMark 365 Cloud”.

At Vizrt, ProMark will be integrated with CatalystOne HR which is one of the HR systems we have standard integration to as well as with their various payroll solutions.

Easy to get started with ProMark 365 Cloud

With ProMark 365 Cloud, we have developed a cloud solution that makes it easy for companies to get started.

ProMark 365 Cloud is hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform which is a widespread standard for cloud solutions. The platform offers, among other things, scalability as needed and high security by maintaining a wide range of global and local compliance certifications such as various ISO standards and GDPR.

Here companies share a standardised infrastructure and the ProMark installation with other organisations. Maintenance and upgrades are managed by us and takes place via periodic system updates – just as we know it from Office 365 updates. You can also choose a platform solely dedicated to you where upgrades are agreed with you as needed. No matter which options you choose, each organisation has its own database – completely separated from the others.

ProMark is available in 4 different Software as a Service editions, allowing you to select the package that best matches your need for functionality. You pay a fee per employee per month based on the selected package and the number of employees to use it. And the package is, of course, scalable in relation to number of employees.

This provides several benefits:

  • High operational stability as a large network of servers and advanced infrastructure protect against errors and downtime
  • Increased scalability as both infrastructure resources and the software package can be scaled up or down according to your needs
  • High security via monitoring tools and IT specialists who handle security aspects for the cloud environment and ensure that it is compliant
  • Savings: You avoid an initial investment in hardware and software, and pay only for the services you use
  • Increased flexibility: You can choose the software package that best suits your needs and always take advantage of the latest functionality in the product as we continuously deliver upgrades
  • More time for other tasks as you can hand over the responsibility for the daily operation

Thus, ProMark 365 Cloud can support your company’s growth – both in terms of number of employees and need for functionality – without compromising security. And with options for API integration with payroll and HR systems, you can tie the companies’ systems together for optimum support of your processes with minimum involvement from your side.

Contact us if you’re ready to embark on the cloud journey!