QUICKGUIDE: 10 good reasons for expanding your SAP solution with workforce management

SAP offers a wide range of functionality that supports a large number of processes in the company but does it meet all your needs when it comes to administration of employees and their working time?

Are you considering replacing your on-premise SAP solution with a cloud-based one? Then you might need a system that can help you manage your employees’ working time and absence in compliance with rules and regulations.

The solution is a best-of-breed platform from a third-party supplier, developed for integration with SAP’s solutions.

The new cloud solutions are standard solutions that cannot be adapted to your particular business. This means that additional functionality for optimum support of all your HCM and ERP processes must be added via integration of specialised solutions.

In this way, you can get your specific business solution in a flexible way and with the latest technology – without time-consuming development and maintenance.

Download our quick guide and get 10 good reasons why you should expand your SAP solutions with a standard Workforce Management solution to maximise efficiency and flexibility in your company.