Are you ready for the cloud? ProMark is!

ProMark is available as different cloud solutions and thus a great match to companies’ IT landscape – wherever they are on their cloud journey. Learn more about the possibilities and how they differ from each other, so you can better assess what suits you best.

The cloud market is gaining momentum! More and more business system providers introduce new, modern cloud solutions as a replacement for the traditional on-premise solutions. A trend we also clearly recognise in ProMark.

Many of our customers have already included cloud in their IT roadmap, while others are in the process of considering moving to the cloud. The modernisation journey is primarily driven by:

  • A strategic choice to move to the cloud to take advantage of the benefits that lie in here
  • A necessary shift as the existing HCM and ERP solutions are phased out by the supplier

Cloud solutions for every need

To ensure that ProMark is a great match to companies’ IT landscape wherever they are on their cloud journey, we offer different cloud solutions. ProMark is available as a subscription-based Software as a Service solution in 4 different editions – with the option to switch to another edition if needs change:

  • Essentials: The simple choice for basic clock-in/out and absence registration
  • Professional: The broad time & attendance solution with an option for project registration and workforce scheduling
  • Enterprise: The complete solution with all available ProMark functionality
  • Individual: The tailored solution, where you are free to select the ProMark functionality which best support your company’s requirements and processes

Essentials – the simple choice

Essentials includes basic registration of time & attendance and absence where the employees register via mobile app and web portal. Absence and overtime can be sent to the manager or administrator for approval and the system sends out notifications to ensure that registrations and approvals are made before the payroll is due to be prepared. In addition, management has access to standard reports for actual overview for follow-up purposes.

Essentials includes standard integration to HR and payroll systems for simple transfer of employee data.

Functionality for advanced holiday and sickness absence management is offered as add-on.

Professional – the broad solution

Professional is the fully digitalised time and attendance solution which in an advanced manner can control all working time rules and agreements and prepares the payroll basis via intelligent dialogues with the employees. In addition, this package also includes functionality for mileage registration, advanced holiday and sickness absence management, staff rostering and standard registration of project time as well as the option to register via terminals.

Professional also offers modern API integration to e.g. HR and ERP systems.

Business Intelligence functionality is offered as add-on.

Enterprise – the complete Workforce Management solution

Enterprise is the complete Workforce Management solution that includes all available functionality in ProMark. This means full digitalisation of your work processes while also getting the necessary insights to follow up and optimise – and thus achieve savings.

In addition to time and absence registration and workforce scheduling, this edition also includes job registration and advanced project registration.

This edition also provides the opportunity to integrate to all relevant business systems, including data warehouse for advanced business intelligence.

Individual – the tailored solution

With Individual, you are free to design a solution with the ProMark modules which best support your needs and processes. This edition allows integration to all relevant business systems, including data warehouse for advanced business intelligence.

This solution is hosted on a private infrastructure and can thus be adapted and scaled according to your needs. The company holds all relevant costs for hardware and software, and upgrades are agreed upon as needed.

ProMark 365 Cloud: Scalable SaaS solution with high security

With ProMark 365 Cloud, you share the infrastructure and ProMark installation with other organisations on the Microsoft Azure platform – and thus also costs. Each company has its own database/setup and data is completely separated by relevant security mechanisms.

The solution is maintained and upgraded via system updates that are installed periodically – just like Office 365 updates. All planned service windows are managed by us and you will be notified in advance.

ProMark 365 Cloud is for companies who want a standardised, scalable solution with high security requiring minimum involvement from the company. The cloud solutions offer the following benefits, among others:

  • High operational stability: A large network of servers and advanced infrastructure ensures against errors and downtime
  • High security: A large network of monitoring tools and IT specialists that handle security aspects of the cloud environment, ensuring that it is compliant at all times
  • Savings: You avoid an initial investment in hardware and software and pay only for the services you use. The subscription-based pricing means that the SaaS solution can be considered as an operating cost which may make it easier and less expensive for companies to get started
  • Increased flexibility: You can choose the software package that best suit your company’s needs – now and in the future. In addition, you can take advantage of the latest functionality in ProMark as we continuously provide upgrades. This means no maintenance from your side
  • Increased scalability: Almost unlimited scalability as the infrastructure resources can be scaled up or down according to needs. In addition, the software package can be scaled up and down – both when it comes to number of employees and need for functionality

The optimal solution depends on the individual company’s situation and requirements for capacity, flexibility, security level and scope of control of their IT systems, as well as the need for being able to access the solution via the Internet.

If you prefer to take responsibility for the your ProMark server

If you prefer to take ownership of the IT operation yourself, ProMark can be installed on a dedicated server in your own IT environment. This requires internal resources in the company who can take responsibility for ensuring stable operation and keeping up to date with system updates, security aspects and more.

This type of operational platform requires an initial investment in software licenses which gives you permanent right of use for the ProMark modules you buy. The investment is based on how many employees will be using the modules. In addition, there will be annual costs for a maintenance agreement, giving you access to our customer support and new software versions.

ProMark On-Premise is the solution for companies who want the greatest possible control over performance, upgrades and data management.

Ready to embark on the modernisation journey?

Regardless of which platform you choose, you get the same advanced functionality which helps to optimise your processes and provide valid data. And with access to customer support and highly experienced consultants who can help you get the most out of your ProMark solution on a continuous basis, you can maximise the return on your investment.

If you want to discuss which delivery option is best for your company, please get in touch.

ProMark delivery platforms – in short

Cloud is the future, but what are the key differences between our cloud solutions and ProMark On-Premise? Get an overview below:

 ProMark 365 Cloud
ProMark 365 Cloud
ProMark On-Premise
InfrastructureShared with other companies  (hosted externally)Private (hosted externally)Private (hosted in your own environment)
Security aspectsIncluded and in compliance with ISO and GDPR standardsIncluded and in compliance with ISO and GDPR standardsManaged by you
Solutions approachStandardCan be adapted to your specific needsCan be adapted to your specific needs
Software license modelSubscription-based, based on the chosen edition and number of employees who will use the solutionSubscription-based, based on the chosen edition and number of employees who will use the solutionPerpetual software licence with initial investment and annual cost for maintenance
Customer supportIncludedIncludedThrough maintenance agreement
UpgradesManaged by us in planned service windowsAgreed between us as neededManaged by you
Maintenance of platformIncludedIncludedManaged by you
Administration of application IncludedIncludedManaged by you