Arla expands agreement with ProMark
05 Sep 2018

With agreements on superuser service and application management, Arla will hand over a number of ProMark-related tasks to us.

Arla has been a customer with us for many years and uses our terminals for time & attendance registration integrated with SAP in the UK, Denmark and Sweden.

The contract has just been renegotiated and, at the same time, expanded with agreements on superuser service and application management. This means that we will now manage ProMark and handle a number of ProMark related tasks that were previously handled internally.

We see a growing interest in our additional services in the market. More and more companies choose – just like Arla – to complement and hand over the daily tasks related to ProMark to us. This reduces the need for having the skills internally, brings savings and frees up time to focus on other core tasks in the company.

Torkel Olrik, CEO of ProMark

The contract will take effect from 1 September.