Superuser service

Let us handle the daily superuser/administrator tasks in ProMark
  • NLess vulnerability to absence
  • NFocus on core business
  • NNo need for in-house expertise

Trusted by 400+ customers and 300,000+ users

Free yourselves from being too dependent on key personnel to manage the ongoing setup and handle the payroll preparation

With superuser service, we take on the role as your superuser and optimise the day-to-day operation of ProMark. Either longterm or if you get hit by unforeseen events such as terminations, sickness or lack of resources.
Less vulnerability to absence

Less vulnerability to absence

Ensure stable availability of superusers making sure that ProMark operates smoothly every day to avoid your company’s operations being affected by e.g. illness or other absence and allowing for salaries to be paid out on time.

Focus on core business

Free up time in HR/payroll to focus on your core business and support other key tasks and processes which create greater value and competitive advantages for your company.
Focus on core business
No need for in-house expertise

No need for in-house expertise

Get access to local and highly experienced consultants with the latest knowledge about ProMark and the expertise needed to optimise the day-to-day operation and minimise the risk of errors.
“The collaboration takes place in a pleasant dialogue, with a very good balance and assessment of the problem to be solved. We are therefore absolutely confident that Gitte Eskesen and ProMark will solve the tasks quickly and accurately, so we do not even need the expertise in-house.”

– Liga Lund, TCR

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