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Easily manage your people and projects to ensure productivity and profitability

Managing large-scale projects with a large workforce covering many different professions over a longer period requires valid data.

However, in many companies, project and time registration is still a manual and time-consuming process that varies from site to site and depends on what type of job the worker is executing.

This makes it difficult to get the necessary insights to manage projects efficiently to ensure profit margins and handle the many labour agreements that apply to each specific delivery of a large project.

ProMark for Building & Engineering

Together with some of the largest companies within the building and construction industry across the Nordics, we have developed a specialised time registration solution. This will help you keep your processes under control and run successful projects:

Real-time data for efficient project management

Improve transparency and refine your ERP data with valuable insights into your company’s operation and cost allocation, allowing for follow-up on project resources and productivity – and tight budget control.

Correct payroll foundation

Automate the collection of hours worked, supplements, mileage, daily allowances and absence as well as deviation reasons validated against collective and local agreements to create the correct payroll basis – no matter if your workers do piecework or have a fixed hourly rate.

Easy reporting on site

Simplify the reporting for your workers to ensure the right data at the right time with high quality – wherever they work. Registrations can also be made by the foreman on behalf of the team.

Valid data for invoicing

Replace your existing timesheets with digital reporting where employees record their working time split on projects to get a fast and exact basis for invoicing.

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