6 reasons for handling absence in ProMark

Absence registration has always been a key process in ProMark. With the new absence management functionality, the underlying administration of holiday and sickness can now also be handled in ProMark. This allows companies to manage their absence workflows to the benefit of both company and employees.

In the same way as working time is regulated by law and local agreements, there are also rules around holiday and sickness that companies must comply with. And with many employees, it is a huge administrative burden to handle this manually.

Many companies have an automated solution for holiday management handling the calculation of how many days the individual employee is entitled to according to working hours, length of service and age. In addition, their system provides information about remaining days. However, the process related to requesting holiday leave often involves manual work as the manager will have to type in the information in the system. And typically, sickness absence processes are not fully automated either.

But it doesn’t have to be like this …

Structured follow up on sickness and correct remuneration

With ProMark, the company gets an overview of employee absence periods and patterns across departments, divisions and sites, and can pick up when irregularities occur. By monitoring if limit values are exceeded, the system can send out warnings when action is required:

  • When an employee has taken more than a certain number of sick days or hours within a given period, the system can send out a notification. This allows the manager to take action or other kinds of intervention
  • If your company has a rolling sickness policy defining various periods where the employee is entitled to different kinds of pay (or no pay), the system will support this too – even if the entitlement depends on employee category and seniority.

ProMark ensures that the company adheres to public regulations and internal sickness policies. It also facilitates better support for employees who need it and correct remuneration in case of absence due to illness.

Automated workflows related to annual leave

ProMark also simplifies handling of annual leave by supporting two different processes:

  • Holiday entitlement calculation: The module can calculate and manage accrual and attribution of holiday leave according to working hours (full-time/part-time), seniority and age, if relevant. It also keeps track of whether the accrued holiday is with or without pay
  • Transition to new leave year: The module supports the transition from one leave year to the next, including allocation of new holiday, carry-over of unused holiday and payment of non-used entitlement

With ProMark, employees, managers and payroll administration have an up-to-date overview of holiday balances, granted holiday, request for transfers etc. Thus, the module ensures that holiday cannot be carried over several times by mistake. And with automated notifications, the company can ensure that the necessary approvals are made in time.

ProMark can also be used to handle the employees’ wishes for carry-over or payment of other accrued days or hours, such as excess flexitime.

Benefits of handling your absence processes in ProMark

Some companies need support of both areas, others just one of them. The two tools co-exist and can be implemented independently of each other. However, there are a number of good reasons for handling all time & attendance registration and absence management in ProMark. The most important are:

1. One smooth process for both employees, managers and HR

You will get one smooth process which supports:

  • Digital collection of data on working hours and absence validated against agreements and policies for generation of accurate payroll data
  • One unified and automated approval process for managers
  • One payroll process based on payroll and absence data captured in the same system, without manual administration, with integration to your payroll solution – regardless of which system you have

2. Compliance with laws and agreements

ProMark will ensure that the company complies with both governmental rules as well as internal company-specific policies no matter what they might be.

In addition, logging of data in ProMark ensures complete traceability. This means that you comply with requirements according to GDPR and external audits.

3. Improved follow up on absence due to illness

Accurate data in real time is important to be able to make a dedicated effort to reduce your sickness absence rates. ProMark provides structured and systematic key figures, allowing the company to see trends and be proactive to prevent future absence:

  • Employees can easily report sickness and have access to an up-to-date overview of own absence
  • Managers get easy, available information on absenteeism for all own employees and notifications when actions are needed
  • HR gets exact overview of current absence rates in the company, which departments are most affected, absence duration – and notifications when actions are required

Our experience shows that it is possible to reduce absence by as much as 25% through targeted processes by using the knowledge gained about absence across employee categories, geographical locations etc.

4. Proactive holiday planning

The company will get an overview of planned holiday as well as remaining days yet to be planned. This allows the company to be more proactive when it comes to holiday planning ensuring that the employees will take the number of days they are entitled to in time. In addition, proactive holiday planning will help ensure that the necessary staffing is in place to handle the tasks to be solved.

5. Increased availability of data

In addition to sharing correct absence data with your HR and payroll systems, data can also become available in other system landscapes within the company. With integration to e.g. Exchange/Outlook information on holiday, sickness and other absence reasons will be visible to colleagues. This provides a better overview, enabling improved service towards the company’s customers.

6. Modern user interfaces

ProMark is accessible via modern user interfaces allowing for better user adoption. With the mobile app, employees can easily register time and all types of absence, get access to view balances on remaining holiday, flexitime and overtime as well as indicate their wishes for holiday and time off – no matter where they are.

Holiday and sickness management can also be handled in our web portal.

ProMark will not only reduce the manual workflows in the company, saving time for all parties, it will also ensure compliance with rules and regulations. Similarly, vital information made available to both employees, managers and HR will help promote correct payroll, relevant follow-up and planning as well as public refunding in time.

Contact us to gain better control of your absence management processes. Can you afford not to?