Proactive messages to relevant staff in case of irregularities, pending tasks or specific events
  • NMake life easier for your managers
  • NStay on top of irregularities or specific events
  • NOptimise payroll and invoicing procedures

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Make life easier for both employees, managers and staff functions 

With ProMark, you can simplify administration and optimise payroll procedures with proactive notifications via mobile phone, email or in the webportal. This way, people know when they have pending tasks and can take action or give feedback in time.

Make life easier for your managers with notifications

Make life easier for managers

  • ^Proactive notifications in case of potential problems – like employees not clocked in
  • ^Automatically notify employees of approved holiday or shift swaps (and more)
  • ^Be told when you have to make approvals or account balances are nearing a limit (e.g. overtime)
  • ^Advance notice of new employees’ start date

Stay on top of irregularities or specific events

  • ^Notifications to employees about changes in their work schedule
  • ^Round birthdays and anniversaries
  • ^Sick day balances exceeding a defined limit
  • ^Accrued holiday above a certain limit to help remember to plan it
  • ^Errors in integrations and batch jobs
  • ^Door alarms (access control)
Stay on top of specific events and irregularities with notifications
Optimise payroll and invoicing procedures with notifications

Optimise payroll and invoicing procedures

  • ^Proactive reminders to relevant managers about pending actions such as approvals
  • ^Automatic reminders to employees about missing registrations or sign-offs
  • ^Ensure all invoiceable hours are accounted for
“We have outsourced our payroll administration and wish to avoid manual procedures. Part of the solution was to expand our ProMark process support with automatic reminders for managers in case of missing approvals and reminders for employees with missing registrations. As a result, our payroll reporting has become more reliable and accurate”
– Kenneth Ruby Jensen, Department Director, HR Nordic

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