Mileage and per diem

Simple reporting of mileage and per diem

  • NOne complete solution for handling reimbursements
  • NSmooth mileage reporting
  • NEasy reporting of daily allowances

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One smooth process for all

Get one smooth process for employees reporting their projects including mileage and daily allowances in connection with travel and trips for the company.

Make mileage and per diem reporting an integrated part of your time registration

One complete solution for handling reimbursements

ProMark allows your employees to report mileage and daily allowances as an integrated part of their other registrations – including approval and automatic transfer to your payroll system.

  • ^Simplify reporting and ensure compliance with documentation requirements
  • ^Save time in payroll administration with automated transfer to payroll system
  • ^Integrated approval process
  • ^Quick basis for invoicing of travel and expenses

Smooth reporting of mileage

Collect all required information related to travel:

  • ^State the commercial purpose of the trip such as customer or supplier visit
  • ^Date of the trip
  • ^Address to and from
  • ^Type of car (own or company car)
  • ^Car registration number
  • ^Possibility to choose different kinds of settlement (tax-free/taxable)
  • ^Number of miles driven
Easily collect all required information related to travel
Easy reporting of costs for accomodation, meals etc. while travelling

Easy reporting of per diem

Include costs for accommodation, meals and other ‘subsistence’ while travelling:

  • ^Dates of travel
  • ^Whole travel days as well as ‘loose’ hours
  • ^Inland/abroad
  • ^Whether room and board are paid

“ProMark has streamlined our time and attendance process and has contributed to a more effective wages process.”

– Patricia Donohue, HR Administrator, Smyths Toys

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