Sickness absence management

Structure your follow-up on sickness absence to ensure overview, proactivity and compliance
  • NAllows for proactive follow-up
  • NLower the level of sickness absence
  • NEnsure correct sick pay without manual work

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Absence due to illness costs companies billions of pounds every year

With ProMark, you can reduce the administrative processes in the HR department and provide better support to employees who need it, while ensuring that you comply with rules and policies.
ProMark allows for proactive follow-up

Allows for proactive follow-up

Support your managers and payroll in being more proactive and promote an early intervention for the individual employee to prevent future absence. Also, ProMark can keep track of when employees should be invited in for return-to-work discussions.

Lower the level of sickness absence

Collect and analyse data on sickness absence to get an overview of the absence rates in your company – and the trend. This enables you to focus on efforts for a greater well-being in general to bring down absence rates.
Lower the level of sickness absence
Ensure correct sick pay without manual work

Ensure correct sick pay without manual work

Ensure correct remuneration of your employees in case of sickness absence by adhering to rolling sickness policies and keeping track SSP eligibility – without manual work.
“Our old system was not easily accessible by staff or managers when off site. ProMark provides us with a solution to this and also gives all the information in one place, rather than having to use two systems for holiday and sickness.”
– Sue Balut, Financial Controller, Exclusive Collection

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