Transport & Logistics

Easily schedule your people and tasks to ensure safe and short deliveries on time

The competition within transport and logistics is quite tough. Effective handling of storage, varying freight rates and increasing demands for short delivery times, delivery on time and a high level of service are just some of the challenges companies are faced with.

It requires both overview and detailed planning to run a business 24 hours a day – maybe even on more locations – and manage a large number of hourly-paid employees working in shifts, without costs running wild.

ProMark for Transport & Logistics 

ProMark helps you keep your business on track 24/7 and deliver on time:

Efficient employee scheduling

Improve scheduling of employee working time to better align to demand, ensuring optimal use of your workforce – with instant rescheduling to adapt to changing needs

Real-time operational insights

Get valid, real-time information on status on tasks and labour costs associated with your orders, allowing you to adjust to meet delivery deadlines while ensuring profitability.

Easy reporting on the move

Automate time reporting for your people and allow for shift swaps and requests for time off to increase efficiency – wherever they are.

Correct payroll in time

Registration of hours worked, supplements and absence as well as deviation reasons validated against collective and local agreements – regardless of the complexity – ensure correct payroll, including overtime with easy transfer to your payroll system

”By integrating ProMark and SAP SuccessFactors, our store managers can easily schedule their employees to adopt to the demand, thus optimising the use of our resources”

– Rob Wilson, IT Manager, Smyths Toys