Hardware as a service

Leave management and support of your terminals to us
  • NReliable daily operation
  • NSave time
  • NGreater predictability in your IT budget

Trusted by 400+ customers and 300,000+ users

Avoid the hassle of monitoring and keeping your terminals up and running

Leave management and 24/7 support of your terminals to us with Hardware as a Service covering rent, operation, monitoring and repair of terminals and readers for your ProMark solution.
Reliable daily operation with hardware as a service

Reliable daily operation

We will monitor your equipment and manage any challenges. Should problems arise, we will make sure that your terminals come into operation again, quickly and with a minimum of focus from your side.

Save time

Outsourcing your hardware management frees up energy to increase focus on your core business. We will handle your installation remotely, and if necessary, repair and replace within the shortest possible time.

Save time by outsourcing your hardware management
Greater predictability in your IT budget with hardware as a service

Greater predictability in your IT budget

Avoid the initial investment in new terminals. Instead, you know your fixed operating costs and avoid unforeseen costs for repairs and spare parts or significant cost increases due to inflation, production cost etc.

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