TCR’s extended arm
17 May 2017

TCR has outsourced the task of handling ProMark to us. Thus, we solve the tasks ranging from everyday routine and superuser tasks to the development of new functionality in the system.

Gitte Eskesen is the primary consultant on the assignment. She manages all changes in the settings and extracts payroll data for the external payroll agency Azets at the agreed time.

In addition, we are also TCR’s co-player whenever they should wish to expand functionality, such as the need to set overtime rules on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays which was previously handled manually in the payroll system.

The collaboration takes place in a pleasant dialogue, with a very good balance and assessment of the problem to be solved. We are therefore absolutely confident that Gitte Eskesen and ProMark will solve the tasks quickly and accurately, so we do not even need the expertise in-house.

Liga Lund from TCR

TCR has contracted for superuser service.

About TCR
TCR is Europe’s leading provider of GSE (Ground Support Equipment) services to airports. The company offers expertise in rental and operating lease of GSE, maintenance & ramp assistance as well as Fleet Management.