Medcom modernises their ProMark solution
02 Nov 2017

After the modernisation, ProMark will again support MedCom’s internal processes.

Medcom has entered an agreement on a modernisation of their ProMark solution. The solution was originally implemented approx. 20 years ago but had now become so outdated due to lack of upgrades that it could not support Medcom’s internal processes anymore.

The agreement includes:

  • Time & Attendance and absence registration supporting the collective agreement
  • Project registration for registration of time spent on different projects
  • Registration via mobile app and PC
  • Web portal for management overviews and approvals
  • Reporting

The upgrade project will be completed during November.

About Medcom
MedCom was established in 1994 as a publicly funded, non-profit cooperation. MedCom facilitates the cooperation between authorities, organisations and private companies linked to the Danish healthcare sector. Since the beginning, MedCom’s role has been to contribute to the development, testing, dissemination and quality assurance of electronic communication and information in the healthcare sector in order to support excellent continuity of care.