CatalystOne Solutions and ProMark announce strategic partnership to deliver streamlined HCM and Workforce Management processes
18 Jun 2024

The integrated best-of-breed solutions will create a seamless experience for employees and managers across organisations

CatalystOne Solutions and ProMark are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership which combines Catalystone’s data-driven Human Resources Management (HRM) platform with ProMark’s all-in-one Workforce Management solution to optimise HCM and Workforce Management processes in mid-size and enterprise companies across the Nordics.

The integration of the two complementary solutions will provide organisations with a streamlined and standardised experience to help manage complex workforce-related tasks, while improving the employee experience and freeing up time for HR, managers, and employees.

For companies looking to maximise productivity through data-driven insights, while boosting the employee experience, it’s essential to have a complete, user-friendly, and scalable best-of-breed workforce management solution in their IT landscape, says Anders Gyldenløve Pedersen, Chief Commercial Officer at ProMark. By joining forces with CatalystOne, we can deliver a market-leading and cost-effective solution to streamline key workforce-related processes in mid-size and enterprise companies.

With employee master data at its core, CatalystOne will seamlessly transfer these data to ProMark via a modern, standard API integration. ProMark will then enrich the master data with time, attendance and absence information, after which the latter will be transferred back to CatalystOne to initiate absence workflows. Time & attendance data will easily be transferred to any payroll solution.

ProMark acts as a natural extension to many ecosystems and can enrich them with business-critical information on e.g. attendance, absence, scheduling and production-related data. By integrating the company’s IT systems, allowing data to seamlessly flow across platforms, the company can create a more coherent infrastructure. This provides a far more flexible and efficient support of the company’s processes – without the need for customer-specific programming, says Morten Janum, CTO at ProMark.

Automating processes will not only reduce manual errors and ensure data in real time. By connecting CatalystOne and ProMark, companies can also ensure correct payroll in compliance with the complex national and local working time agreements that exist in the Nordics, and better handle holiday leave and sickness absence according to national rules for timely and structured follow-up to improve employee well-being. And with all the data gathered, companies will have a lot of the necessary information regarding their workforce that is required to meet the upcoming mandatory CSRD reporting.

We expect this partnership to be well-received by our common customers as well as potential new customers throughout the Nordics and I’m tremendously excited to see the ProMark-CatalystOne combination in action, says Runar Holm, CatalystOne’s Partner Manager. And with our Danish customers soon meeting complex time-reporting requirements, including ProMark among our partners couldn’t be timelier.

Exchange of additional employee-related data such as competencies to optimise the workforce scheduling is in scope for later stages.

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