Our Board

Chairman of the Board

Morten Schaldemose

Morten Schaldemose is the former Executive Vice President and Member of Executive Committee at Haldor Topsoe A/S. He headed Haldor Topsoe’s Refinery Business Unit from 2013-2020. Today, Morten is working as an investor and a board member. He has been the Chairman of the Board at ProMark since January 2021.

Morten first joined Haldor Topsoe as process engineer in 1997 and then moved into commercial roles, ending up being responsible for licensing of their refinery technology portfolio. He has pursued his own ventures since 2020 as the CEO and owner of Soviva Technologies and as executive and non-executive board member for several companies.

Morten holds an MSc in Chemical Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark and an executive MBA with distinction from INSEAD. In 2022 Morten completed the CBS Board Leadership programme, CEBU, with distinction.


Board member

Morten Steiner

Morten Steiner is the former CIO at PFA Pension. He currently holds a position as the CEO of IBA, which develops, sells, and implements IBSuite, a Cloud Native SaaS e2e standard solution for the European Insurance industry. Morten has been a board member at ProMark since 2019.

Morten has initially been with Accenture for 20+ years where, amongst other things, he was responsible for several large cross-country IT driven transformation programmes within the Financial Service industry. Morten has also held positions as CEO with Tia Technology, Avanade and Edlund, and is an active board member for other companies.

Morten holds an MSc in Civil Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark as well as an HD degree in financial and management accounting from Copenhagen Business School, CBS, in Denmark and is an active reserve officer.

Morten Schaldemose holds an MSc in Chemical Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark and an executive MBA with distinction from INSEAD.


Board member

Niels Peder Nielsen

Niels Peder Nielsen is a Senior advisor to Bain & Company, Chairman of the Board of Enduro Genetics as well as Board member and Industrial advisor at Noon Ventures. Niels Peder has been a Board member at ProMark since 2021.

Prior to this, he was Deputy CEO of the Novo Nordisk Foundation and Senior partner at Bain & Company.

As a consultant, Niels Peder has served large global companies and financial investors on organisation, performance management, strategy development, and M&A. As part of his prior roles, Niels Peder has been responsible for HR departments, processes and WFM tools.

Niels Peder graduated from MIT Sloan School of Management in 1990 and is a Bachelor of Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School in 1988.