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Total average annual savings and efficiency gains after costs:
Total savings and efficiency gains after costs:
Payback time for the total investment in ProMark (costs) during the term of the agreement:

* All numbers are estimates and the prediction is based on the first 5 years after implementation

To what degree have you automated your time & attendance registration to improve accuracy of time and absence data?

Your answer: Currently no solution
Registration of working hours and absence is the basis for correct salary, sickness and holiday accounts and an efficient HR administration. Therefore, flexible time and attendance registration is important, especially if you have primarily hourly paid employees. ProMark can definitely help you!

To what degree can you validate time & attendance registrations against collective and local agreements and manage irregularities digitally?

Your answer: Not relevant
Working time is regulated by law and different collective and local agreements that companies like yours must comply with. And the more employees you have, the more difficult it gets. Are you sure that your payroll gets right every time?

To what degree can you manage holiday leave and sickness absence to comply with rules and deadlines?

Your answer: Not relevant
Absence is a natural part of any employment relationship. In the same way as working time is regulated by law and local agreements, there are also rules around holiday and sickness that companies must comply with. A digital solution will enable you to handle this very smoothly.

To what degree have you digitally optimised scheduling of your workforce to align business demands and reduce overtime?

Your answer: Not relevant
A workforce scheduling tool may not be necessary for you right now, but you do not need to have very many employees before efficient management of the right resources at the right time and the right jobs contribute to reducing payroll costs significantly.

To what degree have you effectively streamlined reporting of time spent on projects, activities for review and correct invoicing?

Your answer: Not relevant
When you do not have a solution for project and activity registration, it can be difficult to follow up on an ongoing basis. The foundation for effective project management is, of course, that you know who does what and how much time is spent on the tasks.

To what degree can you get real-time information on time spent on production orders to optimise deliveries and follow up on costs?

Your answer: Not relevant
Assumptions and gut feelings are usually not enough. To ensure deliveries in time and cost control, you need real-time information about progress on production orders. An overview that a job registration system will be able to give you.

To what degree do you offer self-service via multiple interfaces to improve the employee experience and job satisfaction?

Your answer: Not relevant
A digital solution will allow you to offer self-service and give your employees access to see status on holidays, working hours, flexi-time and overtime, manage shifts, request for time off and more. This will free up time for both employees, managers and in the payroll/HR department and improve employee job satisfaction.

To what degree do you have access to workforce insights to enable forecasting, follow-up, optimisation and post calculation?

Your answer: Not relevant
Without reports and statistics, you are unfortunately missing out on a number of advantages such as: Better verification of payroll basis, faster and factual decision-making basis, knowledge-sharing, less time consumption and opportunity for timely follow-up. Are you sure that you would not benefit from this?

To what degree are your systems integrated for easy transfer of payroll, HR and ERP data to reduce double entry and errors?

Your answer: Not relevant
A modern, digital Workforce Management solution that is integrated with your HR, payroll and ERP will eliminate many manual and time-consuming workflows. It will not only save considerable time for both employees and administration, but also reduce the risk of errors and delays.