Sydbank gets future-proof system in ProMark
22 Sep 2016

With the implementation of ProMark Sydbank now has a flexible and future-proof system for managing their collective agreements

​On 8 August 2015, Sydbank, one of the largest banks in Denmark, entered into an agreement with us on the implementation of time & attendance and absence registration via our web portal, including absence-KPI, attendance and absence analysis as well as automatic notifications. In addition, ProMark integrates to Bluegarden’s payroll system Maxiløn, to NemRefusion, and to Microsoft Outlook.

The solution covers up to 2,200 registrants on all locations in Denmark.

With this agreement, we have really cracked open the financial sector and manifested our position as supplier of Workforce Management solutions to this segment. Our portfolio now counts a number of customers on the collective agreement covering the finance sector including Gjensidige Forsikring, SDC and Industriens Pension.

Torkel Olrik, CEO, ProMark

The project started up in September 2015 with a thorough site study and the solution went live on 1 February 2016.

With the implementation of ProMark we now have the flexible and future-proof system for managing our collective agreements that we needed. The organisational implementation and rollout to over 2,000 colleagues also fully lived up to our expectations.

Poul Mai, HR Director, Sydbank

About Sydbank

Sydbank is one of the largest banks in Denmark with 2,000 employees and about 60 local offices across the country. In addition, the bank has 3 branches in Flensburg, Kiel and Hamburg. Headquartered in Aabenraa, Sydbank is a full-service bank, covering virtually all financial needs of both individuals and businesses. Sydbank has special expertise within areas such as investment, pension, housing, financing, payment services, electronic tools and much more.