Greetings from our CEOs

We love the history and commitment of Veidekke – putting your people first, having the highest passion for your clients’ projects and taking an active role in the green shift – and we consider Veidekke as one of the most iconic construction groups across Northern Europe.

We see a strong match in the values and commitment of Veidekke, ProMark and GSGroup, and it would be a privilege to partner with you on your future Workforce Management journey.

You have the full commitment that both our organisations will help unleash Veidekke’s Workforce Management ambitions in the Nordics.

Torkel Olrik, CEO

Mathias Munk Hansen, CEO

Trusted by 400+ companies, every day

More than 400 companies rely on ProMark every day. Building & engineering is a focused industry in ProMark and with customers like NCC, Aarsleff, Munck Gruppen, Rockwool, CRH Concrete and Heidelberg Materials, we have a strong footprint within your industry.

From paper to digitalisation: Task management on the construction sites

“ProMark replaces paper-based timesheets and through a unique, user-friendly interface, our hourly-paid workers can register all relevant information such as hours on projects, mileage and travel-away-from-home allowances”
Steen Guldborg, IT Manager, Aarsleff

Cost control with updated data

”With ProMark, time usage becomes more transparent and we get accurate data to be able to create correct salary and ensure the right costs on the right projects. With updated data, we can make faster decisions at any time before cost overruns have occurred”
Astri Kristiansen, Head of HR Services, NCC Norge

Correct payroll accoring to agreements

”ProMark has become a group standard at our larger units within Heidelberg Materials in Sweden. Our collective agreements are reflected in ProMark and through ProMark's intuitive user interfaces, the employees report time & attendance and absence. The result is correct payroll data that is transferred to our payroll system SD Worx”
Klas Bächelin, Payroll Manager

A mutual strategic partnership

"Aarsleff was looking for a professional vendor to support Workforce Management. It is a strategic project and in ProMark we found more than a vendor – this is a mutual strategic partnership"
Steen Guldborg, IT Manager, Aarsleff

Compliance and increased transparency

"With ProMark, we can easily handle time registrations and absence for all employees in compliance with national law and union agreements. The integration between ProMark and Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO allows for secure and stable transfer of project numbers, project/time registrations, payroll data and more, enabling ongoing follow-up on projects and costs"
Pernille Munck, Department Manager, Munck Gruppen

A proven leader in Workforce Management – time and time again

Listed as a representative vendor in the Gartner® Market Guide for Workforce Management Applications for 8 years in a row.

Benefits for Veidekke

3 reasons why Veidekke, GSGroup and ProMark is a great match:

You will benefit from a top-tier industry solution

Together with large companies such as NCC and Aarsleff, we have developed a specialised time registration solution for the building and construction industry, covering a large workforce with many different professions. Built on 40+ years of experience working with labour markets in the Nordics, you get the solution and experience to manage the complexity in your company.

You will get the best of two worlds

No software vendor is the best at everything. That’s why you should bring together industry experts who have both knowledge and experience in their own market segment. By combining ProMark for Time & Attendance, Absence Management and Scheduling with GSGroup’s Handyman for Resource and Route planning, you get the solution that supports your processes in the most optimal way and help you run successful projects.

You are secured a future-proof solution

With over 45 000 development hours invested annually, we guarantee an ever-evolving solution that adapts seamlessly to the evolving needs of Norwegian and international enterprises. This continuous evolution happens through close collaboration with our customers and handpicked technology partners.

A complete Workforce Management solution

Improving your workforce management processes significantly to increase efficiency and transparency across all functions.

ProMark: Time & Attendance

Exact registration of working time and absence for both hourly-paid and salaried employees according to union, local and company agreements will provide correct payroll basis in time.

ProMark: Absence Management

Advanced handling of holiday leave and sickness absence will provide a complete overview, allowing for follow-up in time and compliance with Norwegian law, including ‘egenmelding’.

ProMark: Scheduling

Efficient scheduling will ensure optimal use of your employees and better control of your payroll and overtime costs, while freeing up time.

ProMark: User experience

Intuitive interfaces on multiple devices support a smarter workday for everybody, everywhere. This supports and drives more flexibility and higher satisfaction among all employees.

ProMark: Integrations

ProMark integrates to most HR, ERP and payroll systems, including SD Worx, SAP SuccessFactors and MS Dynamics 365 FO for seamless data exchange and optimal support of your processes.

ProMark: Analytics

Current information which can easily be shared within the entire organisation will allow for transparency and more fact-based – and thus more qualified – decisions. The first time!

Handyman: Resource Planner

An intuitive and easy-to-use resource management tool for short-term and long-term resource planning, built as a dedicated application launched from Handyman Office.

Handyman: Route Planner

Offers functions for route planning and route optimization. Selected orders, service technicians and vehicles are clearly displayed in the map and the current status is visible at all times.

Handyman: Event module

Introduces a whole new dimension in your customer and order handling, namely automatic notifications with SMS and email to given internal and/or external recipients.