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Teknos is a leading, global supplier of paints and coatings for the manufacturing industry, building professionals and consumers. The company has production facilities in a number of countries, including Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Germany and the UK.

Teknos was established in 1948, and is one of Finland’s largest family-owned businesses.

With operations in more than 20 countries in Europe, Asia, and the USA, Teknos employs almost 1,800 people globally. In 2017, their group net sales was approximately 384 million EUR.

“With a very fast and focused implementation of ProMark, we have digitalised our collective and local agreements and our processes. This has not only simplified our working processes. It has also increased the quality of the registrations and freed up more time for other tasks in the HR department”.
– Gitte Larsen, HR Manager, Teknos

The challenge

  • ^Too many manual processes and too much administration related to the employees’ registration of working time
  • ^Imprecise reporting of absence
  • ^Time-consuming to answer all enquiries regarding the manual registrations

Success criteria

  • ^Digital solution that covers 200 hourly-paid production workers and salaried workers
  • ^Planning of working time for approx. 60 employees
  • ^Fast implementation of the solution

Key functionality

  • ^Time & attendance and absence registration
  • ^Web portal for management overview and approvals
  • ^Registrations via terminals and mobile app
  • ^Integration to Outlook and payroll system
  • ^Web-based staff roster planning


  • ^Automated collection of working time and absence, and thus more precise registrations
  • ^Fewer enquiries from employees regarding registrations
  • ^Reduced administrative time for managers and HR administration

Primary results

  • ^More smooth and simplified workflow
  • ^More time for other tasks in the HR department
  • ^Savings due to reduced overtime

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